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Introducing "Get Launched Vegas," our transformative two-month performance experience inspired by the spirit of "American Idol."

This program equips students with the essential tools to navigate the auditions' hurdles, rejections, and challenges they may encounter. Let's acknowledge the reality: those who pursue a career in the performing arts embrace an uphill battle. More often than not, they will face countless "no's" before achieving success. Our mission is to nurture their confidence, resilience, and perseverance as they embark on their performance journey. 

Get Launched Vegas recreates the demanding and occasionally disheartening audition process within a supportive, encouraging, and secure environment. We guide students in confronting adversity with a hopeful outlook, instilling in them the belief that each rejection leads to new opportunities. Throughout this experience, we emphasize self-love at every step, ensuring our students develop a strong sense of worthiness.

Moreover, we take pride in connecting aspiring local youth talent with renowned national celebrities. These industry-leading professionals serve as mentors, empowering our students through awe-inspiring performances. By being directly mentored by these luminaries, youth participants not only build confidence and resilience but also glean invaluable insights from seasoned experts in the entertainment field.

Get Launched Vegas is more than just a program—it's an inspirational journey that inspires young minds to work diligently and dream big. Infused with Positively Arts' signature uplifting approach and positive reinforcement, this initiative guarantees that our students will cultivate the unwavering confidence necessary to excel in all aspects of their lives.

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